Go Turn-key with our QuickBase Development Services.

Use one app and customize it to your business, not a handful of apps that don't talk.

How to know you need QuickBase

There's a ton of problems QuickBase solves, but these are the most prominent problems.

No Project or Task Management

If you're using email,spreadsheets or basic tasks apps that don't talk to manage your tasks, there's a better way.

Lack of Automation

All that manual work doing the same tasks over and over, leaves room for errors and is highly inconsistent. It's a morale killer for sure.

Can't track KPI's

Without metrics being applied to your data and having baked in workflow, there's no easy way to track your key performance indicators.

Loose Process

It's in his head.  It's in her head. They know what to do right? Loose process makes profits go bye bye.

What are they're working on?

You have to ask what employees are working on.  It's easy to hide the mistakes and lack of follow-up when there's no accountability.

Manual Reporting

Use that basic report they provided. Then copy all of it over to a spreadsheet, add your own data. No errors here. Then do it again next month.

Don't really know your numbers

Sure you look at QuickBooks but it's not the whole picture. There's too many unanswered questions

Manual Quoting and Approvals

Build that quote manually in Word, make it a PDF and email it hoping they won't notice.

Manual Invoicing

Figure out what the math is, create that invoice and send it. No errors ever happen here.  Hope they pay soon.

Manual Payroll

Where's the time sheets? Warm up your numeric keypad, peck the numbers and hope for no errors. Repeat every 2 weeks.

Bad Expensive Software

You're paying a stout price for that well known brand and it still sucks. All software must be like this right?  Guess this is just what it is. We're stuck.

Guessing, I mean Forecasting.

What's next year look like?  Let's just look at each month and add a few % where it makes sense.

What We Provide

QuickBase App building

Google/Office 365 Integration


QuickBase App maintenance

Zapier Integrations


QuickBase Pipelines

Restful API's


Customer/Team Portals

Branded Emails


CRM Development



Project/Task Management

QuickBooks Time


Operations Management

Financial Reporting


Process Development

Resource Costing

Workflow Creation

Per Job/Item/Widget Costing


Business Health Analytics

Quickbase Questions

In-depth Reporting


Our Approach to Solutions

We have a tenets we live by in all cycles of business and every client we work with.
    • Create practical, highly effective solutions that solve the problem, are scalable and not finite, so you can add on later for new business needs.
    • Process.  Create it, document it, reference it and always improve it.  Utilize baked in process via technology that forces process to be followed consistently.
    • KPI’s.  Have effective KPI’s, apply them to all roles and areas of the business, and review often.
    • The way you do one thing, is how you do everything.  We don’t want to just do something to fit a requirement or check a box, we want it to be done objectively right.    

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    Our Recent Work

    New QuickBase build for Entertainment company.

    Old software had a lot of limitations and no reporting. Using spreadsheets and email to fill the gaps. Financial reporting all manual using spreadsheets. No way to manage each customer individually in terms of the relationship, task or project management, costing, scheduling employees.

    Solution:  QuickBase to the max.

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    New QuickBase build for Event company.

    Using email, spreadsheets and several disjointed apps to run sales and operations. Financials run in Quickbooks, but all forecasting and sales projections done in spreadsheets. Event managers keeping track of events in spreadsheets. No task or event management.

    Solution:  Full CRM, sales management and event operations.

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    Feature Upgrades for Solar Company

    No project and task management features, losing installation details specific to job. No sales commissioning in app and payout scheduling.  No sales projections based on locations. No formal management of vendors or referral sources. No way to allow for multiple office locations (different state locations) and commissioning.

    Solution:  Sales, project/task management