QuickBase can be all your apps

Instead of having different software for CRMs, for financial management, for Operations, for customer service and more, let's just do it all in QuickBase.

One Centralized App for Everything

Steller Out of the Box Functionality
QuickBase allows you to create basically any app functionality you need by giving you template apps, custom fields, custom forms, reports and formulas that allow you to create anything. Once created, you can always adjust or add new functionality to keep with the times. You can't really outgrow it.  Other software apps, you can request new features, but with QuickBase, you can just build what you need.

No more spreadsheets
While spreadsheets have their place, they're ripe for human error.  Besides that, it's just flat data, and you can't really gain insight from it.  You can't compare really summarize a spreadsheet to give you the golden nugget.  QuickBase's hierarchy is built around the same idea of spreadsheets, and linking them together. What this means, is it's super easy to get your existing spreadsheet data in QuickBase.

Low Code
QuickBase is a low-code platform. That means you don't HAVE to know programming in order to build on there. But you do have to know how QuickBase works in order to build effectively.  They make it sound like your Admin Assistant can build your company an app sometimes.  While that is certainly possible, it takes lots of time and understanding of how QuickBase works. Realistically most companies hire developers. Then overtime through familiarity, you're able to add your own fields, do formulas and create your own reports yourselves.


Manage your clients and contacts all in one place along with sales management.  Being able to your pricing, track leads, opportunities, potential revenue and any other sales data in QuickBase is more than easy. Ever use pipeline or CRM apps and wish they had certain other features?  Whenever you come across a CRM or Sales feature you like, it can simply be added to QuickBase. Need a sales commission system? Done. Need to automate your sales touches?  Done.

No matter what services you provide, QuickBase has you covered.  Most businesses lack basic project and task management. Being able to make a project out of each customer and manage their delivery individually, and as a group, is the bread and butter. This is where you create process. Want project templates and task templates so you can do the same for every client?  Want custom tasks?  Want mundane tasks automated?  Want alerts and automated emails?  You got it. Your momma lied to you, you can indeed have it all.

QuickBase Pipelines is what pipelines calls it's automated platform. It allows you to do certain things based on changes or additions to data, and complete certain actions when you want. It also integrates with platforms such as Google Workspace, and Office 365, and even Salesforce and QuickBooks. Pipelines can do a lot of the work that Zapier can, which is nice, as it's included in QuickBase.

Solid Vendor
QuickBase has been around forever, they're no fly by night startup with 8 employees. They service small companies on up to Fortune 100 companies.  Their uptime and support is as good as any other high quality tech vendor such as Microsoft or Google. Their support is actually better. It's quick, and thorough.