Oakline clients gain Competitive Advantage

Do More with Less

Accomplish tasks and jobs quicker, more accurately, with extreme oversight.

Complete Team Collaboration

Improved Teamwork + Team Oversight + Defined workflows = Streamlined Success

Your data, interactive & on-demand

Tap into your own data for better insight and fine-tuned decision making ability.

Integrate & Automate

When all your applications talk, you have the power of automation at your fingertips.

Scalability & Flexibility

Create the resources you need, when you need them, on enterprise grade business platforms.

What can be accomplished with the cloud?

Let's face it, your business has technology problems

They feel like business problems, but they can be solved with technology.  You're currently trying the right things, with the wrong resources.  This is why it feels so hard.



Lack of Particular Set of Skills

The desire to keep everything in-house is going to hurt the most long-term.  Your people are great, but they don't know what they don't know.  When dealing with critical technology, that's just dangerous.

Lack of Technology Plan

Without a plan for your business technology, you're just walking blind.  Winging it and hoping that one day someone is going to swoop in turn that ship around.

Lack of Investment in Technology

Think technology is just computers to do spreadsheets and send emails?  Your competitors are definitely not missing the boat.  Don't be in the canoe when they're rocking the mega-yacht.

Every Industry's Top Companies, Invest in Innovative Technology

Fact is, most companies in every vertical don't create a focused technology plan.  Technology is viewed just as a cost of business.  Every top company in their space, views technology as THE DIFFERENCE, the multiplier.  They're able to do more, manage more, control more, hire more and earn more, all because they view technology is an investment.


Our industry is so behind the times in terms of the use of technology. As soon as we moved to a platform that fit us, we had instant insight to all areas of the business.  Oakline's straight-forward business approach made it easy to understand and easier to embrace.

President in Hospitality

Oakline leverages technology to streamline your operations

Get in touch with Oakline Solutions today and find out how your business can start dominating your competitors with technology.


Migrate to the Cloud

Move part or all of your operations to the cloud for complete scalability and functionality.  Let's create an action plan to get you started.

Application Selection

Find the right application that fits your business needs.  With all the options out there, they all look shiny at first.

Gain Insight

Still using SQL, Crystal or another antiquated reporting systems?  Start getting interactive reports on all your data.

Cloud Management

Already in the cloud and feel like you're still all over the place?  Let's bring it all together.

Business Technology Platforms

Utilize a web-based platform to bring your business together in one place. Collaboration of resources, data and employees to take your business to the next level.

Here's a few Growth-Based technologies

Microsoft Office 365

SharePoint Online

Quick Base Apps

Gain competitive edge today!