We help businesses create more profit by customizing low-code software.

Get software customized to your business, without paying for custom software.

Problems that lead to less profit.

Loose Process

It's in his head.  It's in her head. They know what to do right? Loose process makes profits go bye bye.

What are they're working on?

You have to ask what employees are working on.  It's easy to hide the mistakes and lack of follow-up when there's no accountability.

Manual Reporting

Use that basic report they provided. Then copy all of it over to a spreadsheet, add your own data. No errors here. Then do it again next month.

Don't really know your numbers

Sure you look at QuickBooks but it's not the whole picture. There's too many unanswered questions

Manual Quoting and Approvals

Build that quote manually in Word, make it a PDF and email it hoping they won't notice.

Manual Invoicing

Figure out what the math is, create that invoice and send it. No errors ever happen here.  Hope they pay soon.

Manual Payroll

Where's the time sheets? Warm up your numeric keypad, peck the numbers and hope for no errors. Repeat every 2 weeks.

Expensive Software Monthly

You're paying a stout price for that well known brand and it still sucks. All software must be like this right?  Guess this is just what it is. We're stuck.

Guessing, I mean Forecasting.

What's next year look like?  Let's just look at each month and add a few % where it makes sense.

Overwhelming, but really solvable problems.

Reached limits and can't scale
Reached Limits and Can't Scale

You're hitting your constraints, and it seems like you can't level up. How you got here, is not how you get to the next level.

Can't measure using your own data
Can't Measure Using Your Own Data

ROI on projects? Actual costs when certain employees touch projects? Project sales for next year?  Employee performing poorly?  Based on what?

Got siloed data that doesn't talk to each other
Siloed Data

Your data is in different places (silos) and it doesn't talk to each other. You waste time, duplicate efforts and can't see what you're business is really up to from one place.

No project, task or service management
No formal Project, Task or Service Management

You have no way to track customer interactions with your business, nor a way to track service delivery tasks or custom projects within the business that are easy to manage and oversee.

Need additional functionality but can't get it from your existing apps
Need Custom Functionality, but can't find an app?

Got a business platform that works for you, but need additional functionality that you can't quite find an app for?  If the app has an API, we can attach and create what you need.

We have the answers.

Some feel problems are worse than others. They feel overwhelming, but that's just because your one problem is actually many problems, and you don't know where to begin.

You can't just hustle your way out every problem. Some need a new way of thinking. To reach that next level, you're going to have to improve your tools.

We solve problems that hold businesses back. It's time for a change.

It's time to objectively look at your business math, and use tactical steps to create a better, more profitable business that creates more opportunities not more problems.

Build to be Turn-key

Make your business an asset that runs independent of you, which creates higher multiple and higher valued business.

Build and Improve process
Build and Improve Process

All have some, some have none. There's a way to do things.  To create consistency, it needs to be formalized and baked into your software.

QuickBase Development

An affordable business platform that can improve every single facet and function of your business operations.


Automate all the repeated and low value tasks, remove human error and forgetfulness, so your team has more time for the higher value tasks.

Don't be shy.  Talk to us like family at Thanksgiving.

Ways we create high performing businesses

QuickBase App building

QuickBase App maintenance

QuickBase Pipelines

Zapier Integrations

Google/Office 365 Integration

Restful API Integration

Customer/Team Portals

Branded Emails

CRM Development

QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Time

Project/Task Management

Operations Management

Financial Reporting

Process Improvement

Process Development

Resource Costing

Business Analysis

Per Job/Item/Widget Costing


Business Health Analytics

In-depth Actionable Reporting

KPI Development

KPI Dashboards

Profit Improvement

Automated Quoting

Automated Contracts