See the whole picture with our Power BI Reporting Services.

You're in QuickBase, now your previous data needs to be.

Actionable, Insightful Reporting

Single pane of glass dashboard

Bring all your data together on one dashboard, or multi-layered reports to see the full picture.


Quickbase has it's own great reporting, but sometimes you need more. Make it faster!  Make it stronger!


Normal financial reports from QuickBooks like P&L's and Income summaries are useful, but sometimes you need to see you finances layered over your operations to get a full few of what's happening.

Much More

No matter where your data is, it can be brought together using Power BI.  Let us know what apps you're currently using and we'll let you know what's possible.

Common Reporting Sources



QuickBooks Time

Google Sheets

Excel Spreadsheets

Databases (SQL and other)

What's missing in your reports?

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