Stop struggling, be turn-key.

Lower your risk, and raise the attractiveness of your business by creating an efficient, cash flowing machine.

Decide to become a turn-key business

Many business owners spend years in the grind, and never get out.  High revenue doesn't mean high profitability, that part takes work. It takes a plan to build the business efficiently. Stop winging it thinking it will be great one day.
Struggling Business
Leads & Revenue inconsistent.
Forecasting is guessing
Not managing tasks effectively
Inconsistent client experience
Cashflow is up and down
Low technology spend
Disjointed apps and data
Frustrated/overworked employees
Requires cash infusions or debt
Profitable Turn-key Business
Consistent Revenue
Accurately forecast sales & costs
Consistent Client Experience
Technology is an investment
Complete business on 1 platform
Happy employees
Cashflowing Asset
Can easily have Absentee owner
Highly desireable to buyers

What a turn-key business means

Proven Business Model: A turn-key business comes with a proven and successful business model that has been tested and refined. Generates revenue and profit consistently.

Established Operations and Processes:
The business has well-established operational processes and systems in place. This includes procedures for product or service delivery, inventory management, customer service, financial management, and other core business functions.

Branding and Marketing:
Typically includes an established brand identity, logo, and marketing materials. The brand should be recognized and have a positive reputation among the target audience.

Suppliers and Vendors:
Turn-key businesses often have existing relationships with suppliers and vendors.

Customer Base:
A turn-key business has an existing customer base who can be retained and nurtured for future growth.

Trained Staff or Management:
Turn-key businesses include trained staff or management in place. This ensures continuity in business operations.

Financial Records and Performance Data:
Has well-organized financial records, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and other financial performance data.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance:
Compliant with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including licenses, permits, and certifications.

Scalability and Replicability:
Designed to be easily scalable or replicable in different locations or markets.

Our base recommendations for becoming a turn-key business:

  • $1 million in annual revenues or higher
  • 5-10 + employees
  • In business for 5+ years
  • Profitable

If you don't currently meet those but are close in revenue and are profitable, get in touch with us.  There's no hard requirements here, only the desire to go turn-key.

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