We solve problems with technology.

We focus on a few of the specific problems we love solving as they truly change people's businesses and have major impact.

Our Method

The adage of "if you don't measure it, you can't manage it". If you want to improve, you have to have a starting point. You need hard data to support you, not just feelings or intuition. This is done via having Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) in all areas of the business, and accurate reporting. Deciding what's important, taking measuremenjts often, comparing it to past performance and the goal for continual improvement.


In order to have accurate reporting, you have to have data. In order to have data, you need software and a process that creates data.  When software is in place, you have a place that stores your data, documents, workflows, documentation, automations and more.   All these make up your technical operations.

Once you have data and you're taking measurements, that allows you to gain true insight into the business.  What room do you have to make improvements. Mastery comes from tweaking and improving eventually every area of the business and creating leverage with your time and resources.  You're a lean, mean efficiency machine. Every weak point gets rooted out and improved. This includes things like integrations, automations, workflow improvement, improved service lifecycle, and more. The result of mastery would be a turn-key business that produces cashflow reliably and profitably.

The Problems we solve

The shift from running a business to owning a business
The mantra made popular of you "you should work ON your business, not IN your business". It's easier said than done for most. We help you make the shift by utilizing technology and process.

Not using technology to help the business and yourself

Too many businesses use email and spreadsheets for daily operations with no apps in sight and wonder why they have such a hard time.  Other's use apps that don't really work like they need them too. There's no way to scale your business with that. You need technology customized to your business so you can embed your process in it.

How We Solve Problems

We are business experts that understand technology
Most technology firms view that the other way. Being a business analyst comes first.  We need to understand the specific issues a business faces before we can recommend a solution. We are indeed technology experts, but that would be useless if we didn't understand business operations and root cause of problems. We look at a business like the Matrix, some just see the characters on the screen, we see all the problems, then solutions.  

We customize software to work for your business
We don't build custom software (that's a big mistake for most all smaller businesses), but we utilize QuickBase and build it out to meet all your business needs.  CRM, Sales process, projects and task management, operational workflow, employee and resource management, etc.  The List is endless.  We use QuickBase because it's a low-code app that allows for rapid deployment. That translates to having a completely customized app for your business extremely quickly.

We Develop Process

When businesses operate without great software, they don't have process baked in.  This means that process and how they do things, is in your employees heads. Your companies knowledge needs to be pulled out of their heads, vetted to make sure it's the best possible way to approach the task, and then bake it in your software.  That way you workers don't make mistakes because the software doesn't really allow for it. That way all customers receive the same level of treatment.

Automation is Key
Anything that can be automated should be.  That doesn't mean you take away the personal touch. Most automations can take place without customers even knowing it's automated. Automation frees up time for employee's to complete more valuable activities.

Don't be shy, talk to us like family on Thanksgiving.