Automate your business apps and tasks.

Automating low value, repetitive tasks so you can focus on more profitable activities.

Keep personal touch with thoughtful automation

Every business has low value, repetitive tasks that typically revolve around data entry. Many of these tasks create their own problems, such as problems with data due to human error when entering. Other tasks are just done so often, they're easily automated and free up time of team members.

Some are shy with automation because they think it'll take away from their customer service and make things less personal. When done correctly, you build in personal touch on the automations. Automated emails for example, can look and sound just like someone writing them, when you build it that way.

Platforms for Automating

QuickBase Pipelines

Built-in automation within QuickBase.  QuickBase Pipelines is the main engine for automating tasks within QuickBase. Extremely versatile, can automate QuickBase data, and work with external API's easily while being able to create really robust workflows.


One of the most common solutions due to it's wide library of applications it can talk to.  When clients want it easy and able to self-manage, Zapier is king.

Power Automate

Part of Microsoft Office 365. It integrates well with most all applications like Zapier, it's an extremely robust option depending on the use case.


The automation power house for medium and enterprise busiensses.

Automation creates less errors and more profit.


Time Tracking

Task Assignments

Email Management

Employee Onboarding

Project Updates

Invoice Creation

Benefits Management

Event Registrations

Expense Management

Vacation Request Approvals

Post-Event Feedback

Customer Onboarding

Lead Nurturing

Attendee Management

Customer Support

Quote Generation

Contract Renewals

Feedback Collection

Shipping Notifications

Compliance Checks

Customer Reviews

Service Updates

Employee Notifications

Sales Follow-ups

Resource Monitoring

Internal Surveys

Payroll Processing

Inventory Alerts

Stakeholder Reporting

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