Get things moving with our QuickBase Migration Services.

You're in QuickBase, now your old data needs to be.

You're in QuickBase, now what

At some point in your QuickBase journey, no matter what systems you're moving from, you'll have some data that you would like to be in QuickBase. Many times, it will just be historical, meaning it won't be used immediately, but just referenced for reporting that looks back in time further than you've been on QuickBase.  This is what Migrating to QuickBase looks like.

The challenge in the area is, when you leave a software platform, the companies don't want you to leave.  They make exporting your data difficult.  Other's make it extremely easy and give multiple options. It is your data after all.

Migration allows for better reporting

Migrate from platforms (or multiple platforms)

Via exporting, reports, or API's, we'll grab your data, clean it up and import it into QuickBase.

Migrate from spreadsheets

If you were just using spreadsheets or Google Sheets, we'll import all data, organized in a familiar feel.

Custom Solutions

Sometimes with data migrations you have got to go outside the box. We'll assess your situation and formulate a plan of attack that's practical and effective.

What are you trying to migrate from?

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