Complete QuickBase build out and data migration for Entertainment company moving from old solution.

Problem:  Old software had a lot of limitations and no reporting. Using spreadsheets and email to fill the gaps. Financial reporting all manual using spreadsheets. No way to manage each customer individuall in terms of the relationship, task or project management, costing, scheduling employees.

Solution:  QuickBase to the max.

  • 76 Table App utilizing the entirety of QuickBase functionality.
  • Design correct data structure to be able to scale their business.
  • Full cycle management of each service from lead, to opportunity, to delivery of each service, post-delivery customer reviews.
  • Management of employee time entries for each service delivery, including per diems, mileage, other bonuses for multiple different employee roles.
  • 2 custom portals that utilize data within Quickbase (one for customers, one for team members)
  • Built QuickBase pipelines and utilize Zapier to automate over 20,000 actions per month that were previously manual.
  • Built out workflow and created process where there was none.-Built project and task management into their solution to accurately track costs associated with inventory, employee costs.
  • Integrated ACH and CC payments with
  • Integrated QuickBooks to pull all transactions and utilize QuickBase reporting to breakdown expenses, payroll, technology and all other expenses.
  • Complete financial and per job reporting
  • Cost reporting following the full lifecycle of the service.
  • Migrate data from previous software solution.