Complete QuickBase build out for Event Management company.

Problem:  Used a combination of email, spreadsheets and other disjointed apps to run business. Missing a lot of details and dropping the ball on events, and having to ask for details from the customer again and no real way to delegate and manage tasks among the team.

Solution:  QuickBase, with QuickBooks

  • Built current 46 table Quickbase app that brings their entire business together under one app.
  • Heavy lead, opportunity sales management functionality, including split commissions and different tiers based on employee and event venue being serviced.
  • Event management functionality allows them to prep for events based on countdowns and initiate activity or automations based on the Event date (45 days out from event, or 30, or 15, etc)
  • Project and task management to be able to assign and ensure completion.
  • Created project and task templates for repeatable event types.
  • Integrated QuickBooks and created financial health dashboard for their seasonable business to correctly show and project accurate cashflow.
  • Implemented full costing based on the employees rates, mileage, per diems and any other event related expenses.
  • Full automation of sales follow up, including automated emails and texts upon certain events.