Successfully transition to effective technologies, and the Cloud

Moving resources to the cloud doesn't have to be an all-at-once event, nor does your company have to be 100% in the cloud.  Businesses who utilize technology effectively, typically have the same mindset.  Lets take a look at how they think.

Aligning Impacting Technology and Business.  Technology allows me to:

Perform better than our competition

It keeps track of all the work being done by all employees.  It gives them a simplified way to work.  It keeps everyone accountable, and always on the same page.

  • We can measure all of our data, so we can make improvements in every area of our company.
  • Things don't fall through the cracks anymore.   I get reminders for things needing to be done, not just receive another email that I know I'll forget about.
  • All of our systems talk, as well as all of our departments.  We're proactive, not just putting out fires.
  • Our competition just uses email and spreadsheets.  There's no way they can keep up with us.

Collaborate with my Team

They can communicate easily, in-sync and knows where everyone is.

  • They know their tasks needing to be done.
  • We keep each other accountable and we schedule the correct team member for the task
  • We all can see the big picture, but also drill down into the details for a particular item if needed.
  • More data is available to everyone, so less interrupting questions are asked

Standardize our Process and Delivery

Our processes are built in to the system.  It doesn't matter who is doing it, they're executing the task the same way.

  • We have less turn-over because we have a defined way to do things, it's not frustrating.
  • All projects are managed the same way, as it's a standard process we've built over time.
  • We make improvements to always make our process better.

Have Peace of Mind

We really are a 24/7 company these days.  The cloud is extremely redundant and allows to grow and be available all the time.

  • There's no hardware failures or internet outages at the office causing down-time.
  • I have all my data where I need it, whether I'm at the office, my home, my phone at a clients, it's always there.
  • We don't need an IT employee to manage all of our systems at an added, unneeded expense

Streamline My Company

It saves time, human capital, and overhead.  It allows me to do more with less, while being more impactful.

  • We don't hire as often, because our employees can manage their days more effectively.
  • We now measure workloads and define what's doable, what should be done, and what's overworking.  Employees are happier.
  • Makes management easier, as I can take a peak in the system to see what people are working on where progress needs to be made

Take tax write-offs.  Technology is an Investment, not just a Cost of Goods

We all need computers to do business these days sure, but using the correct technology and using it effectively is what makes the difference.

  • Equipment, Platforms and systems are indeed write-offs, so there's multiple benefits
  • The Cloud is the future and allows us utilize the same technology as large enterprises, this is the edge.
  • The platform our business runs on brings everything together and allows to accomplish exponentially more.
  • We are experts in our industry, and technology allows our knowledge and value to shine.

Let's make technology work for you.