Benefits of Operating in the Cloud

More Cost-Effective

With a solid technology plan, your costs of being in the cloud are going to be less than traditional on-premise equipment.  The infrastructure is already built out within the cloud.  When adding to on-premise infrastructure, you need to staff and maintain all the equipment and applications.

Unmatched Scalability

The ability to scale rapidly, simply and securely is unmatched in the cloud.  If you have to have 5 new servers up and running, you could provision them within 5 minutes and be on your way in the cloud.  If you had to accomplish this task on premise, it'd take, hours, or days.


Far too many companies are plagued by having no standardization within their technology.  The result of going through a few IT staff, who all had a different plan on how to execute leaves many companies with out-dated technology or methodologies and leaves the next IT staff to come in and learn on the job to figure out exactly how their predecessor had everything setup.  When technology is within Cloud platforms, these are all standardized off the bat.  Of course, endless configurations can be done for more complex environments.

Enhanced Mobility

Mobile access to corporate data via tablets and phones allows employees to have access to data when they need it most.  Working remotely is not only becoming more common but the workforce is changing entirely.  traveling employees, freelancers, and remote employees can have access to all the same data in-house employees do.



Did you know?

Small businesses can now instantly get the same enterprise-class cloud products and services that the Fortune 100 use.

  • Scale quickly and precisely
  • Secure your assets effectively
  • Mobility so you can truly work anywhere