Thinking of utilizing the cloud for your business?

The cloud has many different forms.  It can be hosting servers and desktops in AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure, but it can also be a web-based platform that specifically serves your industry's market.  Many times, company's aren't sure what's the best plan for them or what cloud technologies and platforms will work best their business model and culture.  This is where Oakline Solutions can start you off on the right foot.

How Oakline Moves Company Resources to the Cloud

Assess and Inform

We do an impact and risk assessment on your current environment to determine your best path.


If you're selecting a cloud platform, you need to know what it is, how it works, what to expect, and more importantly, does it fit your needs.

Select and Implement

We'll guide you during the selection process.  Then we'll implement the solution in a phased approach.

On-going Improvements

As needs change, we're right there with you to make your technology adapt

Move your IT Resources into the Cloud

Virtualizing your internal IT resources (servers, security, etc) and placing them in the cloud not only makes financial sense, but also the best choice you can make for business continuity.  Too many company's are depending on out-dated systems ready to fail.

Serve your Applications from the Cloud

If you currently have internal application servers that run your ERP or business software, these can be moved to the cloud for better scalability, redundancy and backup.

Control your Security via the Cloud

Being able to have full security oversight of your network, appliances, remote locations and users is paramount in the technology landscape of today.

  • Less equipment costs, with even greater security functionality
  • Network and Application Layer

Application Selection

There are an overwhelming choice of web-based platforms available.  They're specific to your business model and industry.  This is great, but it's also a little over the top.  Most businesses don't know how to assess all these options.  Oakline Solutions can help you define what your business needs in a platform, demo the correct ones, select and build out the correct choice.  There's many ways to go wrong here, let us guide you down our practical and effective path.

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