Our Migration Process is built around Customer Service

Our migration process has been constantly improving ever since the first time it was used.  It's our custom process that we have built around customer service and thoroughness.  Our overall goal for the process is to be easy for the client.  Moving email providers can seem like a daunting task.  It can also seem dangerous as it touches your companies lifeblood of communication, email.  We get it!  We want you to be comfortable, and loving Office 365.  Our on-going and open lines of communication ensure:

  • You have nothing to worry about
  • You know at all times what is happening, and when.
  • Have access to all informational and educational items you need along the way

Step 1.  Information Gathering

Gather all the details and information we need to complete your migration.  Depending where you're moving from, we need different details.  This typically includes accounts and emails we're migrating, passwords and domain registrar logins, as well as overall accounts setups for how you want to use Office 365. We then verify all the info is correct, and communicate constantly as needed to keep everyone in the loop.

Step 2.  Scheduling and Setup

We schedule Go-Live day (the day your email service will switch to go live at Office 365), as well as all notifications.  Then we setup all your Office 365 accounts and settings.

Step 3.  Moving all your Data

This varies from client to client, but we try to grab everything we can, in any way possible.  This includes all your emails, folders, contacts, calendar data, tasks and more.  We pull it into Office 365 and verify all data is received.

Step 4.  Go Live!

We make the switch on the back-end, while all your employees computers are being switched over.  Down time is minimal.  Install Office desktop apps where needed and make settings changes to make sure all users are setup correctly.

Step 5.  Follow-up!

Some environments create different issues after going live.  We work to ensure that everything is working just right.

That's it?

There of course is a whole bunch of steps in between that we manage on the back end.  They're technical or project aspects that we account for along the way.  Each migration can be different depending on size or complexity, so all migrations are truly different.  If we're working with one of your on-site technical staff, they typically work with us on certain technical steps to ensure a smooth transition on larger migrations.

Typical Concerns

Everyone has different concerns, so always feel free to voice yours. But here's the most common.

  1. Down-time:  This is extremely minimal, typically less than 5 minutes.
  2. Will any data be lost:  No, we make repeated backups.  We also make several passes to make sure all data is pulled over.
  3. Switching over:  this is typically completed after-hours so any down-time is managed effectively.

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