Tired of aging hardware?  Why replace it every few years?  Put it in the cloud.

It's a great time to move to the cloud

The scenario is typical:  aging hardware within the server room, aging desktops scattered throughout the office.  Some on Win 10, some on Win7, some on Server 2008, others on Server 2012.  You know the headache is coming.  Maybe one of the servers will fail and make the decision for you.  Of course the decision to replace it was just made easy, but the act of replacing it is going to cost you down time.

  • Server and equipment costs were coming down, now with SSD drives and new processor models, they're going back up
  • Get everyone on the same platform, experiencing the same thing, so you can accomplish more.
  • The need for helpdesk and desktop support goes down once you ditch the mix and match hardware and versions of Windows

There's a better way to:

  • Provide user workstations
  • Mitigate equipment replacement costs
  • Operate without a server room

Virtual Desktops

Long are the days where you have to depend on a desktop or laptop to never break down.  There's many options to fit your needed infrastructure.  Thin-clients, Zero clients, Windows or Linux desktops, standard users or graphic users, we got options for days.  The key to building a resilient virtual infrastructure is having a strong strategy that can scale where needed.

  • Same Windows 10 experience you're used to, just virtualized in the cloud, and available on any device.
  • Deploy and scale in minutes without complicated setup or purchasing hardware
  • Use your existing licensing and systems

Virtual Servers and Services

Got an aging room of servers or tired of buying servers that feel way to expensive for your needs?  You can virtualize your servers in the cloud and get the same functionality, without needing physical hardware on-site.  Imagine if you didn't need to worry about a server room?  Or keeping it at the correct cool temp?  Or leaks?

  • Integrate your complete IT environment in the cloud, with your offices needs.
  • Add servers within minutes to test new services or products.
  • Cut down on your on-site staffing technical needs

Reach out today and start your journey to the Cloud.