Thinking about moving certain resources to the Cloud?

It's a great time for a Cloud Adoption Assessment

If you're thinking of moving some or all resources into the cloud, now's the time to get an assessment.  This no-cost assessment will give you the full picture of what the cloud can look like for your company.

  • Virtualizing servers and move them to the cloud
  • Utilizing cloud services for file sharing, security and moving your email completely to the cloud.
  • Moving an on-premises application and data to a cloud hosted server or even a new cloud application

There's a better way to:

  • Have your IT applications delivered
  • Maintain data integrity and backups
  • Be compliant and have the security you need

The Assessment:  The Big Picture, with Details

Our Cloud Assessment are an in-depth audit of your current infrastructure.  Depending on the complexity of your IT environment, we'll run a number of tools that will give us the full scope of your resources.

  • Quick and Easy Assessment that provides detailed reporting of your assets
  • We'll show you what should and could be moved to the cloud, and also what you might not want to migrate.

The Next Step:  Post Assessment

An assessment was done, now what?  If you're ready to get started and begin your journey to having lean operations, we're ready when you are.

  • We'll utilize our assessments to form a phased, action plan of your best course of action.
  • Phase by phase, we'll implement our cloud implementation plan, working closely with your staff to ensure a smooth transition.

Reach out today and start your journey to the Cloud.