Cloud Application Selection

Selection of the right cloud applications is one of the most critical items when moving towards the cloud.  Problem is, most companies do this entirely wrong, and it’s not for lacking of trying.  Today there are so many options.  Within any space, sector, or niche, you can usually find 20 apps that seem to fit the bill.  Most won’t actually work for your business.

How too many Businesses Select Applications:

  1. Select someone non-technical run the technical project before you.
  2. Do some research, see there's roughly 10 apps that may fit, find one that seems like it will be great.
  3. Sign up for Free Trial
  4. Tinker with it and maybe do a few customization’s
  5. Don't integrate anything with it
  6. Give up and say this one’s not going to work.
  7. Rinse and repeat a few more times
  8. Voice that the cloud is not for your company, you need something custom, and those other apps won't work.

Does this sound familiar?

What's Missing:  Building a Foundation for Success

There’s a few critical steps that most businesses need to get right.  The major thought that is missed her, is you don't know, what you don't know.  This alone can hamper the best of app implementations.  Here’s a few starters to give you a mental checklist.  If any of these sound like they’re missing, we’d love to hear from you.

  1. Getting buy in from Stake-holders, Leaders, Managers, other employees that you do in fact need a solution.  (i.e. BUY-IN)
  2. Build a list of things you need the system to do to be successful.
  3. Demo Multiple platforms and rake their sales people through the coals with technical questions?
  4. Having a technology and process expert partake on why you should or shouldn't take a certain path.
  5. Select and then customize the platform to suit your needs

Reach out today and start your journey to the Cloud.