Haven't heard of Quick Base?

Quick Base is a software platform (just like SalesForce, Zoho products, Microsoft Dynamics, etc) for which we provide first class consulting and development services for.  It can offer many functionalities businesses need today, your imagination is literally the limit.  Get in touch with us for a demo and see how Quick Base can transform your business today!

Why Quick Base for CRM Makes Sense

Why use Quick Base for CRM?  Not only can you have a completely customized CRM fit to your business and sales process, but so much more.  Most CRM's are either too simple (PipeDrive), or too complex (SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics).  They're also not really customizable to the degree most companies need.    If you're in the market for a CRM and you've been unimpressed, or overwhelmed by what's available, you owe it to yourself to let us show you what Quick Base can do for you.  We can build a world-class CRM system for you, rapidly.

  • Start with functionality you need now, then as you evolve, add that functionality later very easily
  • No longer use emails to track down contact information
  • Track important contact and client information for memorables
  • An accountable sales team is a high-performing sales team.

Full Sales Cycle Management

If you have and utilize a sales process, this can directly be put into Quick Base.  Manage your Contacts, Companies, Leads, Opportunities and more depending on your needs.  Our clients always starting seeing what's possible and ask if it's possible?  You bet it is.

  • Manage your sales funnels, quotas in ways that allow you to close more deals.
  • Create Quotes, Commission structures and Up-sell, Cross-sell opportunities now that you have insightful data.
  • Track all sales activities such as # of calls, emails, meetings, quotes, etc.

Prospect like a beast

Team do a lot of prospecting?  Targeted campaigns need prospecting, prospecting turns to leads, which turns to opportunities, which turns to sales.  If you're not tracking all the checkpoints along the way with your sales process... how will you know where the best ROI is?  Create campaigns and lead sources within Quick Base so you know where to target your efforts.  As these deals push through your sales funnel, you'll see whos's got your money.

Why Use Quick Base over other CRM products?

Simply put, Quick Base will allow your company to do more as a whole, than any CRM product on the market.  Sure there's powerful (and expensive) tools out there, we find them to be too complex for most people's needs.  With Quick Base, you can start where you are, and add layers of functionality as needed, and as you grow.  When needs change, Quick Base can change.

  • Start with the functionality you need... add more as needed.
  • Every company needs a CRM and ERP to successfully automate and leverage technology to do the heavy lifting.
  • After the sale... push all your data into your service or product delivery process for full financial representation.

Get in touch today, and drive your sales.


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