Haven't heard of Quick Base?

Quick Base is a software platform (just like SalesForce, Zoho products, Microsoft Dynamics, etc) for which we provide first class consulting and development services for.  It can offer many functionalities businesses need today, your imagination is literally the limit.  Get in touch with us for a demo and see how Quick Base can transform your business today!

ERP with Quick Base

Why use Quick Base for ERP?  Instead of having a large number of applications your company uses, why not have one that can do it all?  Every business is different, so why not have a solution that can be customized to you in ALL areas?

  • Streamline mission-critical processes
  • Combine data across all apps/modules with visual analytics to create actionable insights
  • Start where you are and add more functionality easily as needed

Add Functionality with Modules (Apps)

Quick Base internally utilizes what are known as Apps.  An user can be assigned any app that you like.  Other ERP's typically call these Modules.  Need CRM?  Boom, add module.  Need Service Delivery, boom add module.  Quick Base works essentially the same way in this sense.  Whenever functionality is need, an App (Module) can be created with this specific functionality.  Then assign it to whatever team you'd like.

Project Management

The biggest functionality lacking we see in most companies, is project management.  Most companies don't have any software to manage projects, simple or complex.  Too many are using spreadsheets to accomplish this, or each team is utilizing a different app they found on the internet to complete projects.  Quick Base allows your team to set up project, tasks, sub-tasks, assign them, record time cards towards these items, manage expenses and more functionality than you can throw a stick at.  If you have projects that are important, and details matter, don't leave this up to just winging it.

Service Delivery

If you have a service that you deliver time and time again to customers, you need a way to manage all the details that comprise delivery.  Manage your complete service delivery process from start to finish with Quick Base, even if you have a complex service.

  • Manage delivery tasks, checkpoints and post-delivery items
  • Manage assets and resources:  outside vendors, vehicles, machinery
  • Manage feedback, incidents, compliments, complaints and service issues.
  • Track time, expenses, unexpected expenses
  • Gain insight into actual job cost and human capital cost analysis on per job/department/team member, etc.

Gain insight via complete oversight.


    Quick Base is a registered trademark of QuickBase, Inc.