Haven't heard of Quick Base?

Quick Base is a software platform (just like SalesForce, Zoho products, Microsoft Dynamics, etc) for which we provide first class consulting and development services for.  It can offer many functionalities businesses need today, your imagination is literally the limit.  Get in touch with us for a demo and see how Quick Base can transform your business today!

The Benefits of Quickbase

Why is Quick Base so great?  Versatility, Rapid Development , Licensing costs and Security are the main benefits of Quick Base.  The power of Quick Base lies within it's ability to make complex tasks simple. Think your service delivery process is complex and involves a ton of spinning wheels?  Great, let's talk about it and we can show you why all these can be broken down into simple apps that transform your business.


Quick Base can literally do it all.  Need a CRM?  Great, done.  Need an barcode based inventory system done?  Need workflow automation within an ERP?  Done too.  If you think of functionality you need, odds are, it can be accomplished in Quick Base.  Not only is it versatile, but it's robust.  Quick Base can be integrated with most applications.

Rapid Development

The ability to have functional applications quickly is one of Quick Base's strongest features.  It doesn't take months or years to develop a custom application fit to your business.  It can be done rapidly, from weeks to even days depending on what functionality you need.  All applications can be customized to fit your company's specific needs, workflow, processes, and approval workflows.

Low Cost of Licensing

Quick Base hovers at the $30 per user per month structure.  Take a powerful application such as SalesForce.  While a great application, it starts about $75 per user per month, and still operates within the CRM functionality unless you've had major development or add-on's completed.  Quick Base can provide the CRM functionality, ERP functionality, Project Management, business intelligence and analytics, Issue tracking, inventory management and more all for the same licensing cost.  What's not to love?

Enterprise-ready Security

Quick Base data is hosted in two geographically diverse, production-ready data centers, which provide military-grade physical security, including 24x7 guards, controlled access points, biometrics, and video surveillance. In addition to physical security, around-the-clock monitoring and data encryption ensure world-class security and mission-critical reliability. Each component of the infrastructure that powers Quick Base — from network to database servers — is highly available and redundant.

  • Power administrative controls to ensure compliance with policies
  • IP Filtering, Single Sign-on, Two factor authentication
  • Advanced Data Encryption
  • SOC 1/ SOC2, HIPAA, EU-US Privacy, and DFARS compliant

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    Quick Base is a registered trademark of QuickBase, Inc.