Quick Base puts your business on one platform

Quick Base is a powerful platform that can be used within your business, to solve virtually any problem.  It's major advantage is rapid development.  All major functionality such as CRM, sales tracking, project management and more can be created extremely quickly to get you up and running.

  • Tired of having multple applications throughout the company that don't talk?
  • Manage jobs, projects, tasks, events, compliance, employees, and more
  • Streamline your service delivery via automation
  • Create effortless service experiences

We Help Companies with Quick Base who...

Tried doing it on your own

Quick Base does indeed make it sound extremely easy to do.  While there is no coding most of the time, it can still be complex.  We'll get you back on track.

Need Help from the Start

Just purchased a Quick Base subscription and not sure what to do, or how to do it.

Need a Specialized App

Need a new App but not sure exactly how to build it.

Need to Integrate other Services

Have Quick Base Apps but would like to integrate them with your other business applications.

What is Quick Base you ask?

Workflow Automation

Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks..  Whether you are managing approvals, orders, or issues, ensure that each step of your important process happens in the right order, every single time. With Quick Base Automations, you can create powerful business rules using clicks, not code, to perform actions in response to changes or based on a schedule. You can add, update, delete and move data around automatically.

Team Collaboration

Safely share essential data with the users who matter, whether they are internal stakeholders, customers, partners, or anyone else you need to include in your business group. Task management app options allow you to create custom roles and permissions so that certain users can see and work with limited data while others can see it all. You have the power to organize your team as you need to — it's entirely up to you!

  • All Data in one place - everyone works in the  latest and correct version of data instead of chasing down emails and spreadsheets
  • Accessible Anywhere, Anytime - instantly accessible from any browser or mobile device

Role-specific, personalized dashboards

Energize stakeholders with personalized drag-and-drop dashboards showing important and relevant information. Focus and motivate team members by highlighting pending tasks and instant results. Inform executives with a visual summary of key business metrics. For each role and person on your team, you're able to craft a personalized dashboard that hones in on key information and eliminates messy data and distraction.

  • Interactive Reporting - visualize data in summary reports, charts, maps, calendars, and timelines
  • Self-service Reports - team members to create and modify their own reports

Integrated data and apps

Easily integrate data across systems and make your apps work together.  Access the data you need wherever it is stored. With Quick Base Sync, you can connect with popular cloud apps, such as Salesforce and Zendesk, as well as CSV files in just a few clicks. Easily bring and leverage external data into your Quick Base app and keep it automatically in sync.

  • Easy App integration:  build powerful workflows within Quick Base as well as integrate with hundreds of external applications
  • Custom Integration:  Build your own app integration with a well-documented, web-based API and webhooks

Enterprise-ready Security

Confidently build and deploy apps on a secure, reliable, and highly-available platform.  Quick Base data is hosted in two geographically diverse, production-ready data centers, which provide military-grade physical security, including 24x7 guards, controlled access points, biometrics, and video surveillance. In addition to physical security, around-the-clock monitoring and data encryption ensure world-class security and mission-critical reliability. Each component of the infrastructure that powers Quick Base — from network to database servers — is highly available and redundant.

  • Power administrative controls to ensure compliance with policies
  • IP Filtering, Single Sign-on, Two factor authentication
  • Advanced Data Encryption
  • SOC 1/ SOC2, HIPAA, EU-US Privacy, and DFARS compliant

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