How Oakline Solves Large Problems

We define Large problems as problems that touch almost every employee at your company.  When solved correctly, everyone's life improves significantly.  Making these large complex problems simple, is our goal.  Over the years we have streamlined our process into an easy process that allows potential clients to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Our solutions  save money, increase production, and genuinely transform your business into a well oiled machine.  This allows your people to shine doing what they do best.

1. Recognition that there is indeed a problem

Many times, problems are noticed within the day to day operations of a company.  The employees who have to deal with these issues run into a number of problems.  Usually they try to resolve the problem themselves at first, then they start going outside the box for solutions.  They bring it up to a manager, but it's not a priority, as the issue isn't seen as a big deal.  Then they'll typically just deal with this if they see no light at the end of the tunnel.  This will continue until the issue is band-aided, the employee has long tired of this frustration and left for greener pastures, or the problem begins to gather traction.


2. Buy-in from leadership and key other employees

In order for any new initiatives to be successful, everyone has to be in agreement with what the problem, current state, and correct solution is.  This is best when implemented from the top down.  Everyone from the CEO to the receptionist has to be able to have a say and contribute.  Once buy-in is accomplished, we can proceed to the problem itself.

3. Requirements Gathering

At this point, everyone is in agreement the problem needs to be solved and are on the same page.  Complaints about issues are flying at full force and we're listening to everyone and everything people are contributing.  This is our learning phase where we get to know your business, it's employees, the problems you face, and what functionality you need.  We prioritize the functionality based on priority, time-line and budget.  Our goal is put forth a comprehensive assessment of what technology functionality your business needs to succeed.


4. Design the Solution

No matter how complex your requirements are, our engineers get to work to plan out what the full solution will look like.  This includes a phased approach, based on your priorities and how best to implement given your business constraints.  Every solution is different here as every company's needs are different.

5. Implementation

This where the rubber meets the road and we begin developing or building out the solution.  Many times here, we uncover a lack of standardized process.  We work with your team and it's members to define what the best process will be.  This is important because technology needs a process, and preferably it needs a good one.  The old adage "garbage in, garbage out" fits directly here.  If you have bad process, and we implement it into some software, it's going to be a complete waste of money.  Refining your process to be simple, effective and scalable is the biggest goal.


6. Test and Improvements

Testing is done at every stage of the implementation to make sure it's the best fit for the job it's doing.  When all the boxes are checked and everyone is happy, then we move it to a maintenance mode.  As your business evolves and processes change, we can make improvements wherever needed and we'll reassess with you often.

Use technology effectively, reach out today.


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