Core Foundation for Success

Every business needs a strong foundation for success

While all businesses are different, the core technology should remain the same.  Configurations will be different as well as how businesses use these core technologies.

Email, Collaboration and Productivity Platform

Microsoft Office 365 is the standard team collaboration and productivity platform.

Email is definitely great, but scalability, security, and collaboration are just as critical.  Many businesses that have achieved quick growth, didn't really have the time to plan out their technology.  They piece-mealed certain technologies to get the job done, to get the sale, to get the project out and completed.  But now your business operates differently and things are dropping in the cracks.  This is a sign that a business is not on, or fully utilizing the correct platform.  Office 365 allows businesses to add and manage users quickly, scale where needed, build out complex workflows and manage all their data, in one easy to use platform.

  • Scale up or down easily, securely and while maintaining control
  • Allows your team to collaborate easily, in a centralized easy to understand environment without losing critical info

Integrated Business Platform

Your industry has it's own set of terminology, data points, work flow and management.

Service or product delivery can be a complex task to manage when all systems aren't talking to one another.  Too many businesses are counting on email, calendars, spreadsheets and a accounting platform to offer their first class line of goods.  All the process and procedures is within someone's head (we're looking at you Founder of the business).  Controlling your service is what makes your business great, but what if there was a better way?  Maintain control, improve all aspects of the business, see all hiccups along the way and act before the become issues.

  • Manage your services/product, customer interactions, issues, improvements, goals and forecasting
  • Automate repetitive or mundane tasks and take the human error out of the equation
  • Visualize your data in a way that makes sense to each employee or department

Phones that scale the way your business does

A phone system isn't just phones on a desk, it should scale like your business needs.

There's a ton of VoIP options out there.  Some still want old school phone systems in-house.  Some want to pay for Cisco Unified Communications just because it's Cisco (i.e. more expensive than it needs to be). Other just use their cell phones for everything.  A phone system and employees phone numbers should be available wherever your employees need them to be.  A desk phone, a phone app, a internet browser, a laptop, anywhere.

  • Available on any device, not just a desk phone.  Use the device that suit the need of the user.
  • Integrates with your business systems.  Click to dial anywhere.  Store call records.
  • Review Recordings for improvements, customer service and compliance.

Security that combats even the newest and latest threats

It's truly a new frontier in threats via the Internet.  Pop-ups have turned into aggressive extortion and ransom.

We all wish we didn't have to invest in our security posture.  That security breaches weren't a problem.  That businesses everywhere are running to major security issues compromising millions of users data.  But this is the world we live in now and it's not changing any time soon.  It will only get worse as new technology is accepted and new security holes are found.  It's best to not only have a plan, but a system that allows auditing and verification of what we think we know.  A zero-trust environment, where even your own systems aren't above reproach.