Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Tax Centric Businesses

Managing the full cycle of the customer, year over year.

There's special challenges within the financial services sector.  Not only do you have to run and manage your own business affairs, you have manage others.  Having the right tools to thrive is key.


Mission Control

A central hub of customizable dashboards provides up-to-the-second data on firm operations, staff projects, and client statuses.

Real-time access to data

Operate your entire practice at peak productivity with real-time access to essential firm, client, and staff information.

Scalable software

Scale the software to suit the size of your firm — whether large or small — and implement only the features you need.

Time-and-billing software

Get a clear view of the costs associated with your firm's work by capturing and tracking billable time more efficiently.

Practice Management

Managing your customers has never been easier.

Too many financial services companies keep tabs on all their customers by merely having a simple flat folder with all their files.  Spreadsheets, Quickbooks files, Tax preparation documents and the like.  You have the same setup for suppliers, partners and any other vendors you may need.  In fact, your whole business is run from folders, your accounting platform and your email.

Practice Management software allows you to do so much more, stopping inefficiencies from your business growing.

  • Manage billable time and project/task time.
  • On-board staff easily utilizing your desired procedures
  • Invoice clients faster and more accurately
  • Boost revenue without increasing workload of your staff
  •  Go from reactive to proactive  so you'll be ready to tackle client demands.
  • Meet compliance requirements with ease

Streamline your Workflow

Efficiently Manage Projects

Your client work is staged and moves through the correct channels for workflow to ensure you're informed and in control

Easily Assign Tasks and Deadliens

Assign and schedule project tasks.  Notifications appear to staff as items are ready to be performed.

Easily Share Client Documents and Data

Quickly and easily create secure client portals in Practice CS to improve service and save time. You can share files with clients, create new portals on the fly, and give clients the option to sign electronically.

We Partner with First Class Providers to Match your Needs

Not all businesses are created equal.  Not all platforms do the same things. Each partner has their sweet spot.  Depending on your needs, we utilize the best fit.