Why hire outside help to move to Microsoft Office 365?

Moving over to Microsoft Office 365 definitely has to have a planned out process.  Whether it's for 5 mailboxes, or 500.  The plan of course changes depending on the complexity of the migration.   Some companies just want email functionality, while others want the Office 365 environment built out to specifically fit their needs.

Here's why you might want expert assistance moving to Office 365

  1. You're not sure about how your email is currently setup.
  2. You don't have any on-site IT employee(s) to assist with migration.
  3. You have on-site IT employee(s), but they've never done an Office 365 migration.
  4. You have on-site IT employee(s), but they're more generalists and possibly have never done a migration.
  5. You have a complex environment, many company sites or locations

We will cater a migration plan that fits your company's needs.  We can complete the full migration or we can work with your on-site staff to make sure every detail is managed.

Get in touch today and we can create a Migration plan for you!