Why Oakline Solutions focuses on Cloud Technologies

As mentioned in our About page, we originally started as a Managed Service Provider.  This meant managing technology effectively for businesses, but was heavily revolved around providing day to day IT service management and support.  Over-time more companies have shifted to the cloud.  This is due to a better understanding of how it can help them, better confidence in the security, and also more predictability.  With that was also a shift in our mindset of what IT, businesses need the most.

It keeps your IT Operations Lean

We believe companies pay IT staff or Outsourced IT more than they should be to maintain internal IT operations.  Many companies hire internal IT staff that really aren't needed full-time.  Sometimes in these cases they'll hire an outsourced IT Provider.  This is still in the same wheelhouse... you don't have full-time needs.  Fact is, most companies don't need any IT employees, especially when they operate in the cloud.  What they need is technology that works and scales easily, someone to maintain the technology and someone to fix it when it has issues.

Get Enterprise Grade IT Resources, for Small Business

Companies need innovative, robust cloud technologies, but they want desktop support.  It's cheaper.  In every global market, hiring for helpdesk or desktop support is worlds cheaper.  This is what makes a company continue to stumble along on old technology that doesn't suit their business... because desktop support is cheaper.

Technology Budgets should be spent on Technology

Cloud services are infinitely quicker to setup, easier to scale and makes more financial sense than in-house.  Buying servers and other equipment to run your operations can be expensive.  Not only from the initial capital expenditures, but the expensive mistakes that go with them.  All too often, your single IT employee will be responsible for designing and implementing your new resources.   This will most likely be there first or 2nd time doing so.   Unless designing, engineering, and implementing is their sole IT function, most IT staff have never performed these tasks.  They typically maintain the infrastructure that was already in place when they got there.