About Oakline

Technology over the years has evolved to the point where now there's so many solutions available, some would say too many.  People don't know how or where to start choosing, so most times, they just don't.  They continue to utilize what they've been using and see how best to improve it.  Technology shouldn't be that hard. We believe the correct technology is the key to overcoming most business challenges.   We understand technology's ability to transform your business.  We also understand business and it's ever evolving nature.  We figure, why not just tell you who we are and what we believe.

What We Live By

  • Business problems are IT problems.  IT problems are business problems.  It's not a department.  It's a mentality.  It's the answer.
  • Technology is THE multiplier of business.  The X-Factor.   The reason you outperform your competition, or the reason they out perform you.
  • Lack of utilizing data, streamlined process and automation kills businesses (it may take 1 year, or it may take 20, but it's no less painful).

What We Love

We love helping businesses dominate their competition.  We've got a competitive streak and it shows with everything we take on, we want the best and we want everyone in our circle to win.  When our clients talk shop with us, we drink it up, as this is what fuels the fire to helping everyone succeed.   The more we truly understand our clients challenges and goals, the better we can help provide perspective on the best possible technology execution.  If you're winning, we're winning.  If you're losing, we're losing, and we take losing personal.

What We Value

People who are insightful, thoughtful, and impacting.  We're in technology, so of course you would figure we value technology.  You're not wrong.  But every person, team member, employee, business owner has built opinions and perspectives over time that have gotten them to where they are.  Every one of them brings a unique view on situations.  As they say, the devil is in the details.  We value the ability to see a problem, approach it with objective eyes, and not see it as a problem, but as opportunity.  An opportunity to improve something and have a positive, lasting impact.  Smart people solving complex problems.

What Technology Can Accomplish

Lean Operations

Oakline believes you don't need a ton of in-house employees to run your IT.  We work with you to find to best technology and team to exceed your goals.  When economies change, so do business operations.  We want to help you maintain lean IT operations while streamlining your business with technology.

Use your Data

All businesses create internal data.  All businesses need to forecast and make decisions.  Your own data should help you do this.  We want your to have the ability to make quick, accurate decisions based on what the data is telling you, your data.  No more guessing.

Streamline your process

When processes sole location are in someone's head, there's no clear way how to improve or relay the info accurately.  Oakline helps you define and improve your process, and then implementing the correct technology to execute.  Improving process should be a never-ending process as your business evolves.