About Oakline Solutions

Denver Tech Services original focus started as a Managed Service Provider.  Managing and implementing technology effectively for businesses was the mode, which heavily revolved around providing day to day IT service management and support.  We've kept the infrastructure and processes we've built over the years, but are now professional services focused, by building and providing the technology solutions for the future.  We're able to create much more value by helping our clients utilize the correct technology, than supporting it.

Oakline's Areas of Focus, Help Companies:

  • Transition to, Operate in and be successful with cloud technologies.
  • Utilize Business Technologies to be more effective and create competitive edge in their sector.
  • Automate and Improve business operations

Competitive Advantage

Many businesses unfortunately limp along with their technology, piece-mealing technology as they see fit, without a solid plan or budget. We firmly believe technology is what sets companies apart. We want to enable companies looking for that edge to beat their competitors and thrive in their sectors. Companies thriving in their sector utilize technology to lean operations, create better efficiencies and operations, and do more with less. Oakline Solutions wants to create these extreme conditions for your business and people to be able to thrive.

What this means for our clients

We understand new and emerging technologies, but we also understand what comes with that.  We sell customized solutions but also understand how these solutions will affect your day to day technology operations.  We can utilize cloud technologies to overcome specific business problems such as scalability, operations management, continuity and  remote workers.

What Cloud?

All of them.  Public.  Private.  Hybrid environments.  We're here to help you utilize what fits best for your organization.  Depending on your goals and current infrastructure, we'll steer you in the direction fits.  With platforms like Azure and AWS available, small businesses can harness the same enterprise grade services that large companies and Fortune 100/500's utilize.